With darkening

With darkening

The company Giuliani has developed and has refined a system of frames that integrate roller shutters creating the concept of a built-in unit.

This selection of frames is characterized by the “SEAL” line that has been designed in order to cut down as much as possible the laying operations by enhancing the product quality, which is almost entirely produced in our firms by controlling and monitoring its executive phases according to the norms of the quality management system.

This built-in unit is produced in several configurations, both in relation to the profiles’ aesthetic, and the darkening systems.

Casing can be visible or rollaway.

  • The “visible” type has been designed in two versions, with prominent or flat casing. They can be produced in wood or iron plate.
  • The “rollaway” type gives the chance to see the rolled blind through an internal casing or an external wall top cover when the frames are inside flush mount.
  • SEALproduction line can be divided into three categories:
    • Casement type
    • Historical type
    • Sliding type

These include several possibilities: aluminium-wooden frames, shutters with glazing bead, slip-in shutters, hidden shutters, structural shutters.