The sliding systems designed by Giuliani are produced with several technologies that allow choosing between different performances according to the customers’ needs. The typology with the best performance is turn over and slide type, followed by the lift and slide type, to the classic sliding system.

Sliding systems are an important element in the house building fields, in particular in the residential field where big bright surfaces, with big shutters and with specific mechanisms for big frames, are more and more popular. Sliding frames offer more practical advantages than casement type systems, as they allow giving more space to your house furniture. Sliding systems are sold both in aluminium and in aluminium-wooden types.

Casement frames can be configured with door openings, awning or transom windows, simply by applying the desired hardware group. These openings can be built with several kinds of profiles designed by Giuliani and divided into two macro-families.

The first one includes profiles with glazing bead, while the second one has monocoque profiles with slip-in glass that is to say without profiles that fasten round the glass, with the aesthetic result of having a single profile in view without the typical joint between shutter and glazing bead. This solution, besides facilitating the cleaning of the frame, makes the glazed part larger with an increase of the illuminating surface of about 9 mm on the whole perimeter.

Casement frames offer several possibilities of profile choice for hidden shutters, structural shutters and other customizable solutions, both in aluminium and aluminium-wood versions.