Modular curtain walls

Modular curtain walls

Modular curtain walls are designed to be prebuilt in our factories and are an excellent solution when the structures need to be built quickly.

The assembly of the modular elements in our factories allows reaching a high quality level. The system has been designed in order to cut down the laying operations, which are carried out almost entirely in our factories by monitoring and controlling the executing phases.

Modular curtain walls are suitable for the construction of very high buildings, where it is not possible to use scaffoldings. The modular elements reach the building sites ready to be hanged and put one on the other one as pieces of a jigsaw.

The elements are lifted up employing canters or any other suitable lifting method and they are then laid in sequence working from the inside of the building. Architectural concepts and specific planning requests will be realized with customizable systems with high performances. The load bearing structures are always tested and statically dimensioned in compliance with the enforced legislation.

Our systems are certified and, on request, certifiable by several institutes recognized within the whole European Community.