Point fix facades

Point fix facades

Point fix facades have been designed in order to offer a new kind of facade which is characterized by getting the most possible transparency and a very light and nonmaterial aspect of the structure.

From the outside you can just see the point fix elements that mechanically hold the glasses.

These fixing elements must “hang” the glass and spread any stress to the bearing structure.

There are many instances of point fix elements such as “kneecap”, these can be also designed with customizable materials and shapes. Joints between glass panels can be free or sealed, in order to build continuous facades with climate control, double skin outer claddings, tensioned structures for coverings and rainscreen claddings.

The load bearing structures are always tested and statically dimensioned in compliance with the enforced legislation and the necessary characteristics of the structure in relation to the kind of structure, the building’s height and the site on which the structure is going to be built.