Rainscreen claddings

Rainscreen claddings

Renovating, protecting, ventilating and climatizing, these are the “RFV” building systems advantages, or the rainscreen claddings systems. The thermal comfort due to the presence of a ventilated cavity is remarkable.

During summer the air within the ventilated cavity is heated as the result of the effect of solar radiations with a remarkable reduction of the quantity of heat penetrating the walls and getting into the building itself, “chimney effect”.

During winter the ventilated cavity allow keeping the temperature of the inner skin by reducing the surface condensation and the rising of moulds.

The system designed by Giuliani has been thought to be fit to realize rainscreen claddings with a dry building method characterized by an exterior insulating finishing system layer and a bearing structure in aluminium/steel on which different kinds of claddings can be applied: structural glass, Alucobond, Gres, Hpl…

These cladding elements, “outer skins”, are built far from the insulating wall layer in order to create a suitable ventilated cavity with natural air ventilation. Evaporation and water drainage is guaranteed by special claddings profiles in omega shape in order to allow the water drainage till the base of the building.

The combination of outer skin with ventilated cavity and the insulating wall layer allow having a remarkable increase of the acoustic insulation level of the facade. The laying of “RFV” systems by Giuliani on buildings allows the assignment of a new energy certification class of the building itself. >