Equipment and Innovation

In our factory we have industrialized our production by employing tridimensional work centres of latest generation for the manufacturing of aluminium profiles and alucobond.
We carry out the assembly of thermal-break profiles at our factory and the related stress and coplanarity checks.

The aluminium profile warehouse (cantilever), the layout of the departments and the entire automated equipment grant Giuliani’s production the title of cutting-edge company in the field of envelopes and frames.
We have a laboratory for resistance, reliability and conformity tests of our products, so as to ensure the high performance and quality that characterize us.
At the yards, our qualified staff carries out the possibly required tests, even acoustic ones, in accordance with the regulations in force and through the suitable equipment at our disposal.


This is the main equipment used in the production:

Description Quantità
EMMEGI two-head computerized croppers n° 5
EMMEGI one-head computerized croppers n° 2
Coupling machine for thermal-break profiles n° 2
Computerized facing machine n° 1
TECHNAL work centre for tridimensional aluminium profiles n° 3
'PLANET' EMMEGI work centre n° 1
'T4' EMMEGI work centre n° 1
'COMET T6' EMMEGI work centre n° 1
Seamers for aluminium frames n° 7
Seamers for solid wood frames n° 1
Computerized cropper for solid wood n° 2
Extruders for structural silicone n° 3
Electric forklift trucks n° 6
Eccentric presses n° 5
Cropper for plates n° 1
Coils plate-cutter n° 1
Plate bending machine n° 3
Computerized plate drilling machine n° 1
Computerized plate rounding-off machine n° 1
ALUCOBOND tridimensional work centre n° 1
Remote-controlled pneumatic suction cups n° 4
Remote-controlled tridirectional suction cups, capacity Kg. 3000 n° 1
Bridge cranes n° 6
Computerized aluminium profile warehouse n° 1
Solid-wood and polyamide profile warehouse n° 1
Computerized accessories warehouse n° 1
Aluminium cantilever warehouse n° 1
Rinaldi facing machine n° 4
Compressors n° 3
Autodesk AutoCad
Autodesk Inventor
Vitrage Decision