Production Certifications


Giuliani Soc. Coop. avails itself of a laboratory for reliability and conformity tests on new products and checks on production batches. These tests allow checking air permeability, water, wind and impact resistance.

Moreover, thanks to the BISCO-RADCON software for finished element calculation, simulations to obtain the thermal transmittance of the various systems sections are carried out.

Everything is aimed at the technological and competitive improvement of products.


Giuliani's products are certified as required by mandatory standards at institutions accredited at the European level.

Our achievements and our artifacts are tested and / or calculated on the basis of the regulations as follows:

Thermal verification: EN 10077-1 – EN 10077-2 - EN 13947
Noise testing: EN 10140 – EN 717 – EN 11367 – EN 12354
Pendulum test (bump): EN 12600 – EN 14019
Permeability: EN 12153 – EN 12152 – EN 12207
Water tightness: EN 12155 – EN 12154 – EN 13050
Wind resistance: EN 12179 – EN 13116
Test in site for watertightness: EN 13051
Fire resistance:

UNI EN 1364 – Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements



We guarantee the respect of the CE marking for each "construction product" as indicated in the European Directive 89/106 / EEC, which refers to the so-called "harmonized standards of product".

Currently the main harmonized rules in force for the frame construction sector are as follows:

Standard Product Start of mandatory CE marking
EN 13830 Curtain walls 01/12/2005 
EN 14351 Doors and windows 01/02/2010
EN 13561 External blinds (Mosquito nets) 01/03/2006
EN 13659 Shading systems (Blinds and shutters) 01/04/2006
EN 572-9 Monolithic glass 01/09/2006
EN1279-5 Insulating glass 01/03/2007
EN12150-2 Tempered glass 01/09/2006
EN12337-2 Hardened glass 01/09/2006
EN 14449 Layered glass 01/03/2007
EN 1125 Antipanic Handles 01/04/2003
EN 1154 Aerial and floor pumps 01/10/2004
EN 12209 Locks and latches 01/06/2006
EN 13163 Building insulation: Expanded polystyrene 13/05/2003
EN 15088 Aluminum Profiles 01/10/2007


We carry out projects aimed at provision of the LEED certification of buildings, analyzing the sustainability based on the categories laid down in the certification system, with the aim to achieve the credits required for the category.
Collaborating with various representatives Leed AP and thanks to our technical and managerial skills and the quality of our products we compete to give the buildings the level LEED desired:
Green, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
Our company is a member of the Green Building Council Italy, the Italian organization that through a partnership with USGBC suited to the Italian and promotes the independent certification system LEED parameters of which establish precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy buildings, energy efficient and environmentally friendly content.
Here are some projects we have completed, or under construction, with LEED certification.

KAUST Academic Jedda (ARABIA SAUDITA) PLATINUM on American Standards  [sheet.pdf]
Generali Gest. Immob. v. Sturzo (MI) SILVER on Italian Standards  
PRELIOS S.p.a. v.le Certosa, 144 (MI) GOLD on American Standards  
C.P.C. v. Bernina (MI) GOLD on American Standards