The building envelope is getting a more and more important role in the architectural field and in defining new expressive dynamics and styles.

Thanks to the building envelope the best performances of the building itself in terms of energy saving, climate and light comfort are guaranteed. The perceptive dimensions and the building volume in relation to the context are best enhanced.

The company Giuliani is specialized in the production of technologically modern continuous building facades in aluminium, solar shades and special metallic or glass structures as building envelopes or panellings.

The company works 360° in the design, production, building site logistics and laying of these structures.

The architectural concept and the planning requests are then fulfilled with the installation of customizable systems with high performances according to the designers’ needs. The load-bearing structures are always verified and statically dimensioned according to the enforced legislation and according to the needed requirements in relation to the kind of structure, the building height and the site on which the structure is going to be built. Our systems are certified and by request certifiable by institutes recognized within the whole European community.